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Trying something new. Ministry Report January 2024


So this year I'm going to try my best to write my reports in English as well as Japanese!

Wish me luck.

On new years day a big earthquake in Ishikawa Prefecture. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake caused extensive damage to the Noto area with 238 fatalities. It was the largest earthquake to strike Mainland Japan since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Tens of thousands of buildings across Ishikawa were damaged or destroyed, there are still 19 people missing and nearly 15 thousand evacuees.

My family live near Tokyo but we felt the quake and my daughter who happened to be in the elevator which stopped because of the earthquake was able to quickly get dropped off automatically at the nearest floor. Please continue to keep Noto in your prayer.

On the first Saturday of 2024 I was invited to sing at Revival Mission's New Year Gathering. Revival Mission was started by Pastor Akira Takimoto of Shinshiro church in Aichi Prefecture. They have done many evangelistic crusades all throughout Japan including big venues like Koshien baseball stadium and Budokan arena. My dad was invited to some of those crusades long time ago so getting to do ministry with them meant a lot to me.

This month (aside from my usual mommy duties) I was mostly busy writing for different J-POP groups and directing at recordings. My Christian musician friend and I got to do a writing sesh too so I hope something cool comes out of that. Towards the end of the month my daughter got the flu so some of my plans got postponed. I had been invited to do a concert at a high school but since I couldn't be there they asked me to speak on ZOOM instead. Singing for 40 min is easy but talking for 40 min? Not my repertoire... so I was a bit nervous but took it as an opportunity for growth. It turned out to be a great time, a lot of students came to the screen to talk and ask questions afterwards. Many were interested in the work I've been involved in. Every time I get to speak at schools I get a kick out of it, since I left school on the last quarter of 9th grade. Once was a failing student, now I get asked by schools to come and speak! God is a redeemer. It is wonderful to be used for His glory.

I have a few ministry opportunities in February, as well as recording, event and songs due for my work in the secular music side of things. Please pray that God will prepare my body, mind and spirit for the work he has prepared for me-- especially that my body gets healed so I can sing freely (I have conditions that makes it difficult to sing or talk). If you would remember my family's health also, I'd really appreciate that.

Thank you for your encouragement, prayer and support!




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